Sci Fi UK is 3 for 3 – this time it’s Bruce Spence…

Legend of the Seeker – Bruce Spence Interview

In the third of our exclusive Legend of the Seeker interviews I spoke to cult favourite Bruce Spence. As well as his role as Zedd the wizard in Legend of the Seeker (which starts this Thursday at 20.00) Bruce made me one happy fan-boy by speaking about his roles in Mad Max 2 and The Return of the King.

After playing an assortment of weird and wonderful characters in fantasy and sci-fi over the years how does it feel to finally be playing the wise old mentor?

Well I guess I’ve served my apprenticeship. Zedd is certainly a grand character and I’ve been in scenes with Gandalf, Obi Wan Kenobi, and assorted characters so I’m prepared to take on the mantle of a mentor; a wizard character in this quite superb epic.

Read the whole interview…

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