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4 new HQ pics from “Tears”, the season finale

New HQ pic from “Unbroken”

A peaceful time brings together Jennsen, Kahlan, Darken Rahl, Richard and Zedd. Production 221 – “Unbroken” – © Seeker Productions, Inc.

Behind the scenes of “Vengeance”

Discovered this out on the interwebs – a stunt reel of the Seeker stunties practicing the final fight from “Vengeance”:

HQ pics from “Walter” and “Extinction”

Sorry for the delay…life has been busy lately!


New behind-the-scenes pics from “Walter”…

…thanks to the lovely Katrina Law for posting these on her Facebook page. Click the pic for all 6.

Ten new HQ pics from “Vengeance”

… in the Galleries. Click the pic!

Eight new HQ pics from “Desecrated”

…in the galleries! Click the pic…

Eight new HQ pics from “Bound” (2.14)

Click the pic to view ‘em all…

12 new HQ pics from “Princess”

Oh Zedd….now that’s just frightening!
In other news: Parker Stevenson stars in this episode! For those of you too young to know who he is…do a search for the TV show “The Hardy Boys”. Ahh…I remember watching that when I was a kid.

New pic from this weekend’s “Torn”…