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More Comic Con tidbits...

More Comic Con tidbits…

Direct from the horse’s Administrator’s mouth, courtesy of Terry Goodkind’s official site:
Moderator: “How involved are you with the television series?”
Terry Goodkind: “I’m not involved at all. I’m writing new books, working on new stories, and developing new ideas. Disney purchased the SWORD OF TRUTH series property, it’s theirs to develop into a television program [...]

Ask the Wizard! (at Comic Con)

From the official Seeker Facebook page:
“ASK THE WIZARD” AT COMIC-CON THIS THURSDAY – Can’t make it to San Diego this week? Well, you can still post a question here to actor Bruce Spence (Zedd) for this Thursday’s Comic-Con LOTS Season 2 panel. No promises there will be time to ask or answer any of [...]

Comic Con Seeker panel details…

The Seeker panel is slated for Thursday…and now we know at what time. The blurb mentions “cast members” too. Since Craig Parker is going to be there for a different panel, I’m guessing he’ll sit in for this one too. The question is…who else? Chances are the bolded names are the people [...]

Seeker Panel at Comic Con 2009

If you’re popping down to San Diego for Comic Con this year, it looks like there’s going to be a Seeker panel!
E!Online reports:
Other TV-Show Panels at Comic-Con
Some shows expected to present panels (or at least something) at the Con include Dexter, Dollhouse, Flash Forward, Ghost Whisperer, Legend of the Seeker, Lost and True Blood. Dates [...]