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Two new pics from “Revenant”…

Episode 13, “Revenant”, airs this weekend, in which we learn the “real” story of Kieran, a seeker who lived 100 years ago.
Michael Hurst, who directed “Denna” and “Sacrifice”, and who has a long list of credits including co-starring in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and directing many episodes of Herc as well as “Xena: [...]

Michael Hurst to direct the season finale…

According to the Michael Hurst fan site
Michael will play the evil wizard Amfortas in episode 1.13, “Revenant” of the American syndicated tv series Legend of the Seeker. It will begin airing in the US on 27 February 2009. He has directed 2 episodes of the series, 1.08 “Denna”, and 1.10 “Sacrifice”. [...]