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Screengrabs from “Revenant” (episode #13) in the Galleries…

Whew! Steamy! I had to watch this ep on iTunes, since I missed it over the weekend. My husband glanced over at the screen from his desk and said “This is a family show?”

Even though there were some gaping plot holes (like how did Amfortas keep that grave robber [...]

Screengrabs from episode #12 “Home” in the Galleries…

While watching both “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena:Warrior Princess”, I was first exposed to the idea of the “clip show”. At least one show per season was made up of flashbacks cobbled together by a (usually) thin plot.
“Home” is our first clip show, but I was impressed by the plot used [...]

“Sacrifice” screengrabs finished

Boy, I tell you, as a mom of a little one, I could totally empathize with Dennee. Jessica Marais did a fab job showing the grief and fear a mother would feel if her child were in danger. Course, I don’t know any mom who could have gotten up and fought off some [...]

First batch of “Sacrifice” screengrabs is done…

I couldn’t stand it, and had to jump to “Sacrifice” and do the screengrabs.  I know there are folks out there eager to see the ones of Kahlan in her mord-sith outfit, and frankly, I couldn’t wait to do them. 
So, the first 100 grabs are up in the Galleries.  I’ll do the rest later [...]

Screengrabs from “Brennidon” finished

Yep, all 104 of them! They’re in the Galleries and ready for viewing