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“There was a little feeling (that the end was near),” Horner told earlier this week during an exclusive interview. “We kind of found out towards the end of the second season that certain of our investors wouldn’t be around for a third time. That created a little bit of a stir amongst [...] interview with CraigH

(from March 12)…here’s a snippet:
Seeking out Legend of the Seeker’s Craig Horner
Legend of the Seeker fans sounded a collective ‘nay’ last week when a representative from the Tribune Company (which owns most of the stations that air the syndicated show) revealed it would not be interested in a third season. There’s been no official announcement [...]

5 new pics of Craig and Bridget!

5 new pics of Craig and Bridget!

Thanks to LOTS_SPOILERS over at Twitter and to!

Craig Horner interview at

Mentioned in my previous post, here is a blurb from and link to the exclusive interview Michael Martinez got to do with Craig. Whoo!
When we spoke on the phone Craig was still working on the second season, with five more episodes to shoot. How does it feel compared to this point in your schedule [...]

IGN interview with CraigH…

The Seeker Speaks
Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner talks about what’s to come
January 6, 2010 – As a fan of the Terry Goodkind “Sword of Truth” novels, I was thrilled to hear that they were making a television series based on the books. And that Sam Raimi was involved. Now in its second season, [...]

New interview with Bridget and Craig…

…from WBNX. Here’s an excerpt:
Seeker stars agree their roles are ’second skins’
Legend of the Seeker has amassed such a loyal following, it’s almost as if fans have been happily zapped by the ‘Mother Confessor.’ The series became so popular that it was awarded a full second season after only a handful of episodes—and the [...]

AP interview with Bridget & Craig, “Sword Fights and Siths”

Craig on Regis & Kelly…

Craig on Regis & Kelly tomorrow…

THURSDAY MORNING, WATCH “LEGEND OF THE SEEKER” STAR CRAIG HORNER ON “LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KELLY” – Don’t miss it as Craig talks Season 2 secrets with the two hosts. Click here for “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly” local time and channel in your US city:

More Season 2 interviews with Bridget and Craig…

Bridget Regan interview at
Craig Horner interview at
Bridget Regan interview at
Craig Horner interview at
Bridget and Craig interview at
Craig Horner interview at