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“Syfy Tells Seeker Fans (Again): No, and Stop Bothering Us”

After persistent pressure from fans of the canceled series, Syfy has again confirmed that it won’t be picking up Legend of the Seeker.
The message came in a slightly exasperated-sounding Twitter post from Craig Engler, Syfy’s head of digital media: “Dear #LegendoftheSeeker fans. I appreciate your passion, but the Twitter not so much [...]

LotS Producer Ken Biller Still ‘Hopeful for A Third Season’

Based on The Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind, ABC Studios’ Legend of the Seeker has picked up where other fantasy shows left off – in New Zealand.
In the mid-90s, fans were wild for fantasy hits Xena and Hercules and producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are just adding more fuel to their [...]

Interview with Ken Biller (LOTS exec. prod.) on

Seeker’s sexy season 2 with ‘T’Pol’ and ‘Cordelia’!
On the syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker, the Seeker has dispatched the evil Darken Rahl, and our heroes (Richard, Kahlan and Zed) should just be able to lounge around and goof off knowing that all is right with the world … right?
Not so much. Unfortunately, the [...]

First look at Charisma Carpenter as Triana!

First look at Charisma Carpenter as Triana!

Charisma Carpenter looks pretty good in skintight leather, doesn’t she? The former Buffy and Angel star appears on the Nov. 7 season premiere of the syndicated cult hit Legend of the Seeker, and we’ve got the exclusive first promo still!
Carpenter plays Triana, one of the feisty Mord-Sith warrior women who regularly make Richard Cypher’s life [...]

Interview with Terry Goodkind at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review…

Author Terry Goodkind: A character without a philosophy isn’t believable
Terry Goodkind didn’t study creative writing in college. He’s never participated in any workshops, never enrolled in a master’s of fine arts program.
Goodkind isn’t opposed to those sort of things; it’s only that he’s believes writers are born, not made.
“I’m convinced it’s intuitive,” says the bestselling [...]

Sci Fi UK is 3 for 3 – this time it’s Bruce Spence…

Legend of the Seeker – Bruce Spence Interview
In the third of our exclusive Legend of the Seeker interviews I spoke to cult favourite Bruce Spence. As well as his role as Zedd the wizard in Legend of the Seeker (which starts this Thursday at 20.00) Bruce made me one happy fan-boy by speaking about his [...]

Bridget’s turn for an interview at Sci Fi UK…

Legend of the Seeker – Bridget Regan Interview
Following on from speaking to Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner I was lucky enough to speak to his co-star Bridget Regan. Bridget, who plays the beautiful but deadly Kahlan, told me about her love of farcical comedy, New Zealand, horse riding, and her experience of her [...]

New interview with CraigH at SciFi UK

Legend of the Seeker – Craig Horner Interview
Craig Horner plays the eponymous Seeker, Richard Cypher, in SCI FI’s new fantasy series Legend of the Seeker which premieres on Thursday 13th August. Craig took time out from his action packed shooting schedule on the set of Season 2 in New Zealand to let us know what [...]

Legend of the Seeker: Season 1 Review

IGN reviews the season as a whole…here’s a snippet:
The greatest assets of the show are the two leads, Craig Horner and Bridget Regan. Horner’s Richard Cypher is a classic hero; he is earnest, brave, and selfless. He is not burdened with doubt or indecision, setting him apart from the flawed heroes that are more prevalent [...]

Season 2 Renewal Confirmation?

Full article at the Hollywood Reporter web site…
Disney hosts international upfront
ABC chief McPherson: “We’re finally back making TV”
By Elizabeth Guider
May 25, 2009, 01:10 AM ET
The Mouse House kicked the L.A. Screenings into high gear with its seventh annual international upfront event Sunday evening at its Burbank headquarters.
The barbecue on the back lot was staged principally [...]