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Tabrett Bethell interview at TheTorchOnline…

Interview: LEGEND OF THE SEEKER’s Tabrett Bethell is Not Cara (Or IS She?)
What would it be like to interview Cara, the take-no-prisoners Mord-Sith-turned-sorta-good who is currently shaking up the second season of the hit syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker?
I’m sure if you asked one wrong question, she’d bite your head off. (On the [...]

Tabrett Bethell (Cara) interview from SciFi mag…

…thanks to LOTS_SPOILERS for tweeting the scans!
Click the pic to see the rest of the article scans and read it for yourself.

New season 2 promo pic of Cara…

Not sure where this came from, but thank you to Gratchness over at The Confessor and Seeker Society for posting the find!

Facelift for

Looks like the webmasters over at have been busy! Lots of new eye candy over there, including a new interview with Tabrett Bethell, who plays Cara, and some new stills from the premiere, “Marked”.