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Terry Goodkind offers support for the Save Our Seeker campaign…

…in a post on the forums:
Terry Goodkind Offering Full Support
Good afternoon everyone,
On behalf of Terry Goodkind, we are here to offer our fullest support to the “Save Our Seeker” campaign. We have reached out to the campaign organizers and have started discussing ways in which Terry Goodkind, as the author and creator [...]

Tor Signs Three Book Deal With Terry Goodkind

NEW YORK, April 19 /PRNewswire/ — Tor Books is proud to announce the return of New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind to their list. The first book in the 3-book deal will be a new Richard and Kahlan novel, due in early 2011. Richard and Kahlan are the principle characters from his previous New [...]

Woo! New promo video at….

…looks like there’s going to be a new Richard & Kahlan book out next year! Awesome!
Check it out!

Interview with Terry Goodkind at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review…

Author Terry Goodkind: A character without a philosophy isn’t believable
Terry Goodkind didn’t study creative writing in college. He’s never participated in any workshops, never enrolled in a master’s of fine arts program.
Goodkind isn’t opposed to those sort of things; it’s only that he’s believes writers are born, not made.
“I’m convinced it’s intuitive,” says the bestselling [...]

Going to Comic Con in San Diego? So’s Terry!

Thanks to skritek at The Confessor and Seeker Society for the find! According to Terry Goodkind’s official website (which just got a FAB new revamp):

“Want to know what Terry Goodkind thinks of the television series? Find out at Comicon 2009 in San Diego on Thursday, July 23rd, at the official LEGEND OF THE SEEKER [...]

Interesting tidbit about Terry Goodkind’s involvement…

According to Mystar, an admin at
Terry had no hand in picking any of the actors. He was not consulted or offered any kind of voice what so ever. To this date Terry has not seen, been asked for info, or otherwise consulted on any of the scripts.
Interesting. Some fans seem disappointed, but [...]

New WFR book cover art for series tie-in

New WFR book cover art for series tie-in

A new edition of Terry Goodkind’s “Wizard’s First Rule” book is being released with a new art cover that ties in the “Legend of the Seeker” series.
Personally, I think it looks faboo!
It’s available now through
Source: Terry Goodkind’s official site forums

Seeker Fans Reassured

Terry Goodkind, author of the best-selling fantasy series The Sword of Truth, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming Legend of the Seeker TV series will not disappoint fans of the original books.
“I think what readers read the story for is because they want to watch and follow characters that they love and hate,” [...]