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Author Terry Goodkind: A character without a philosophy isn’t believable

Terry Goodkind didn’t study creative writing in college. He’s never participated in any workshops, never enrolled in a master’s of fine arts program.

Goodkind isn’t opposed to those sort of things; it’s only that he’s believes writers are born, not made.

“I’m convinced it’s intuitive,” says the bestselling author, who has just released a new novel, “The Law of Nines.” “I never did the typical things that a lot of authors sometimes do. I’ve always told myself stories, and when I sat down and started writing, I was only doing an extension of the process.”

It’s hard to argue with Goodkind’s results. Since publishing his first novel, “Wizard’s First Rule,” 15 years ago, he’s sold more than 25 million units worldwide. The syndicated television series “Legend of the Seeker,” a collaboration with director Sam Raimi, was culled from his first 11 novels.

All of that is appreciated, but what drives Goodkind, who worked as an artist and cabinet maker before becoming a writer, transcends material rewards.

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