Exclusive interview with Craig Parker over at AUSXIP…

Craig Parker plays Richard’s nemesis, Darken Rahl. Here’s a snippet:

We read that you’ve done some musical theatre. Are you very musical person? Is it something you enjoy?

I sing like a dog and have an absolute dread of doing it in public. The last musical thing I did my friend, Joel, stood behind me and punched me in the back whenever it was my turn to sing. Even then, I’d be half a beat out and several ‘whatevers’ off key.

You have done a lot of sci-fi or fantasy work, what do you enjoy about these kinds of projects? 

I’ve never done anything sci-fi but with fantasy shows, I still get such a kick out of walking onto a set that looks just like the world I imagined when I was a kid playing dressups… and you get to do cool magic spell casting!

What kind of research did you do to prepare for these roles?

If the project is based on an existing book then so much of the detective work is done for you, especially the inner world of the character. If not, I curl up with the script and read and reread and work backwards to come up with reasons why the character does and says what they do. Oh yeah, and practice cool magic spell casting in the mirror.

Read the whole thing…

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