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Bridget updated her Twitter profile pic!

Bridget updated her Twitter profile pic!


Bridget just loves teasing us with deleted tweets!

Thanks to Jace at for sussing this all out…
He posted:
Interesting “now deleted” tweet by Bridget Regan……
I would post the link but she has since deleted this most recent tweet for whatever reason. As most know she (Regan) has dropped hints as to the show this season and then been deleting them. The last time [...]

Want to write to Bridget?

She tweeted her fan mail address:
Bridget Regan
Henderson Valley Studios
12 Hickory Rd.
P.O. Box 21124
Henderson New Zealand
Fan mail? Love it! If you want it to get to me fast send to NZ. Don’t forget big (8×10) self addressed envelope if you want a photo! la la!

Since it’s #FollowFriday on Twitter…

…I thought I’d give y’all a selection of LotS-related peeps to follow on Twitter:
SeekersOmnibus (feed for this site)
Conseekadores (The Confessor and Seeker Society)
LOTS_SPOILERS (if you want spoilers)
Mike Sussman (Writer, Co-Exec Producer)
Bridget Regan (duh!)
Ted Raimi (plays Sebastian)
SeekerCast (Seeker podcast)
More later…I just got a juicy bit of info I *must* post!!

More news about Ted…

Apparently he’s in New Zealand shooting this week, and tweeting from the set. Here’s the official announcement:
FOLLOW TED RAIMI ON THE “SEEKER” TWITTER! Guest star Ted Raimi is about to
shoot his new “Seeker” episode! Follow him now via Twitter on the New
Zealand set at Ted just started tweeting,
so start following!
Or, follow Ted himself [...]