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LotS season one soundtrack now available on iTunes!

Track list:
Track 1: Building a Bridge (2:14)
Track 2: Damsel (1:42)
Track 3: Learned My Lesson (2:24)
Track 4: One Step At a Time (1:00)
Track 5: Prophecy (2:12)
Track 6: Richard & Kahlan (1:56)
Track 7: Slaughter (3:23)
Track 8: The Shar’s Burial (1:45)
Track 9: The Sword & the Seeker (3:38)
Track 10: Two Women (3:12)
I have to say that although I’m [...]

An Emmy win for Seeker’s composer!

Joseph LoDuca, composer of the music for Legend of the Seeker, won an Emmy for Oustanding Music Composition for a Series, for his music for “Prophecy”!
I’ve loved his music ever since I first heard it on “Xena: Warrior Princess”.

Emmy nod for Seeker’s composer, Joseph LoDuca

According to
Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
Composer Legend Of The Seeker · Prophecy · Syndicated · ABC Studios Joe LoDuca
Thanks to Cadinos at for the news!

Sweet on Seeker music?

Joseph LoDuca, composer of the music for the Seeker series, has posted 4 clips of the soundtrack onto his website.
They are:
* Eternal Quest
* Richard’s Threat
* The Sword & the Seeker
* Viviane’s 2nd Thoughts
To listen, visit his site, enter as a Visitor, and click on “Listen” in the bottom menu strip.
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Joseph LoDuca to write music for LotS

According to his official web site, Joseph LoDuca will be writing the music for Legend of the Seeker.
Joseph has worked with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert on many of their past projects, such as “Xena: Warrior Princess”, the “Evil Dead” movies, “Army of Darkness” and “American Gothic”.