LotS season one soundtrack now available on iTunes!

Track list:
Track 1: Building a Bridge (2:14)
Track 2: Damsel (1:42)
Track 3: Learned My Lesson (2:24)
Track 4: One Step At a Time (1:00)
Track 5: Prophecy (2:12)
Track 6: Richard & Kahlan (1:56)
Track 7: Slaughter (3:23)
Track 8: The Shar’s Burial (1:45)
Track 9: The Sword & the Seeker (3:38)
Track 10: Two Women (3:12)

I have to say that although I’m thrilled there’s a soundtrack, that’s not a lot of music. Those are really short clips! For a 22-episode season, you’d think they could put out a soundtrack that had more to it!

Well, we take what we can get, don’t we? :) The album is available for $9.90, or each song individually for 0.99 each.

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