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Only a little bit of time left to enter...

Only a little bit of time left to enter…

A sorcerer crossed paths with Zedd, causing him to accidentally put Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Darken Rahl under a love spell. Now, only you can help Zedd. To be released from the spell, they must find the perfect match. Are you the one? You could break the spell [...]

Video from the Times Square Seeker Event

Thanks to L’Epee de Verite for the find!

New video on the LOTS official site: “Meet the Seeker”

14 new Season 2 promo pics…

Thanks to The Keep of Aydindril for sharing them!
Click the pic to see all 14 in the Galleries:

Direct from the horse’s mouth…

WATCH THE SEASON PREMIERE, ONLY ON TELEVISION THIS WEEKEND! – Check now for Season Premiere times and channels
in the US. And catch the entire episode on and Hulu
starting Monday, November 16th!

Five new Season 2 promo pictures…

…in the Galleries. =) These are larger versions of the “profile” pics released through the official LOTS Facebook site. Click the image below to see all of them.

New season 2 promo pic of Cara…

Not sure where this came from, but thank you to Gratchness over at The Confessor and Seeker Society for posting the find!

New Seeker “Action” one-sheet

Five new Season 2 promos in the Galleries

Five new Season 2 promos in the Galleries

Lifted from the site, these are transparent png files – Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, Cara, Darken Rahl

Check them all out!

Official Season 2 One-sheet!