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Bruce Spence and Craig Parker to appear at RingCon in October...

Bruce Spence and Craig Parker to appear at RingCon in October…

RingCon is a fantasy convention held in Germany. This year, it’s happening on October 15 – 17, and two of the confirmed guest stars are Bruce Spence (Zedd) and Craig Parker (Darken Rahl). If you’re anywhere near there in October, go go go!
See the complete RingCon guest list.

Interview with Bruce Spence (Zedd)

By Andrew Fish of The article is online as a PDF. Here’s the link:

Happy Birthday, Zedd!

Late by one day, a very Happy Birthday to Bruce Spence, born on Sept. 17, 1945!

Sci Fi UK is 3 for 3 – this time it’s Bruce Spence…

Legend of the Seeker – Bruce Spence Interview
In the third of our exclusive Legend of the Seeker interviews I spoke to cult favourite Bruce Spence. As well as his role as Zedd the wizard in Legend of the Seeker (which starts this Thursday at 20.00) Bruce made me one happy fan-boy by speaking about his [...]

Bruce Spence cast in new Narnia movie

Casting for “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” has begun. According to NarniaWeb:
Bruce Spence will play the role of the Lord Rhoop, one of the seven lords for whom Caspian is searching.
Good for him!