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Bruce Spence and Craig Parker to appear at RingCon in October...

Bruce Spence and Craig Parker to appear at RingCon in October…

RingCon is a fantasy convention held in Germany. This year, it’s happening on October 15 – 17, and two of the confirmed guest stars are Bruce Spence (Zedd) and Craig Parker (Darken Rahl). If you’re anywhere near there in October, go go go!
See the complete RingCon guest list.

Exclusive interview with Craig Parker over at AUSXIP…

Craig Parker plays Richard’s nemesis, Darken Rahl. Here’s a snippet:
We read that you’ve done some musical theatre. Are you very musical person? Is it something you enjoy?
I sing like a dog and have an absolute dread of doing it in public. The last musical thing I did my friend, Joel, stood [...]

Craig Parker to attend Ring*Con 2009

Thanks to jk_akii over at the Legend of the Seeker fan community at Livejournal for the news.
Ring*Con is held in Bonn, Germany at the Maritim Hotel, October 2 – 4, 2009. Of course, he’s attending because of his role as Haldir in the Ring movies, but if there are any German Seeker fans out [...]

New interview with Craig Parker (Darken Rahl) from New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times

Television: The legends live on
From Xena to Lord of the Rings, Craig Parker is no stranger to a life of fantasy. He talks to Karen Tay about his new series, Legend of the Seeker.
THE EVIL wizard Darken Rahl paces the shadowy corridors of his gloomy castle. As emperor of the land of D’Hara, Rahl [...]