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Getting ready for Season 2…

…and it begins with our first official hi-res still of the season! Charisma Carpenter as Triana from episode 2.01 (23), “Marked”. We’ve seen this one in other incarnations and at a lower res, but here it is in its hi-res glory! Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of some great things [...]

First look at Charisma Carpenter as Triana!

First look at Charisma Carpenter as Triana!

Charisma Carpenter looks pretty good in skintight leather, doesn’t she? The former Buffy and Angel star appears on the Nov. 7 season premiere of the syndicated cult hit Legend of the Seeker, and we’ve got the exclusive first promo still!
Carpenter plays Triana, one of the feisty Mord-Sith warrior women who regularly make Richard Cypher’s life [...]

Charisma Carpenter at DragonCon 2009

For those who may not know, Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) will be appearing in Season Two as the Mord-Sith Triana. She spoke at DragonCon about Craig Horner, who is apparently a HUGE Buffy fan, and of Tabrett Bethell, who plays Cara. No Season Two spoilers here.

Thanks very much to [...]