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Another interview with Ted Raimi (”Sebastian”)…

…over as IESB. Here’s a snippet:
IESB: What’s it like to work with Craig Horner and Bridget Regan? What sort of dynamic, as actors, did they bring to the scenes you did with them?
Ted: First of all, they’re both really young and working with young actors, you get this energy you don’t get when you’re [...]

Ted Raimi interview at DaemonsTV…

Here’s a snippet:
Can you talk about what’s going on, why he’s back and what’s going to happen?
Ted Raimi: Yes. Well, I came back I can only think to finish Sebastian’s storyline or at least I like to think about it that way. In this particular episode that airs this weekend Sebastian gets into a partnership [...]

Interview with Ted Raimi (Sebastian) at TheTorchOnline…

Ted Raimi Interview: “We’re Living in a Golden Age of Fantasy Movies and TV”
LotS-related snippet:
When it comes to acting, dying is easy, but comedy is hard — so says the old expression.
Playing Joxer the Mighty for six years on Xena: Warrior Princess, actor Ted Raimi got to do both.
The “lovable loser” character, not to mention [...]

9 new HQ images from “Hunger”

Thanks again to our affiliate, The Keep of Aydindril! This episode marks the return of two characters: Jasper, Zedd’s brother, and Sebastian the mapmaker (played by Ted Raimi).

More news about Ted…

Apparently he’s in New Zealand shooting this week, and tweeting from the set. Here’s the official announcement:
FOLLOW TED RAIMI ON THE “SEEKER” TWITTER! Guest star Ted Raimi is about to
shoot his new “Seeker” episode! Follow him now via Twitter on the New
Zealand set at Ted just started tweeting,
so start following!
Or, follow Ted himself [...]

New press release about Ted returning to Seeker:

Reprises His Guest-Starring Role as Magic Peddler Sebastian
Burbank, CA, November 18, 2009 – Ted Raimi (“Drag Me to Hell,” “Spider-Man 3,” “SeaQuest DSV”), actor and brother of “Legend of the Seeker” Executive Producer Sam Raimi, will guest star in an upcoming episode of [...]

Ted to return this season!

Via his Twitter page:
Now on the way to New Zealand to do another Legend of the Seeker! I’m coming back as Sebastian. Yesssser!
about 2 hours ago from web