Another interview with Ted Raimi (”Sebastian”)…

…over as IESB. Here’s a snippet:

IESB: What’s it like to work with Craig Horner and Bridget Regan? What sort of dynamic, as actors, did they bring to the scenes you did with them?

Ted: First of all, they’re both really young and working with young actors, you get this energy you don’t get when you’re working with older ones. They’ve just got nothing but non-stop energy, and that’s fantastic.

Secondly, they behave as though they’re not famous at all. They behave as though they don’t know they’re on a huge hit show. So, they make the vibe on set like you’re working on this little indie movie that’s just incredibly fun to work on. It feels like you’re working on this tiny little movie, with a tiny craft service table, in a tiny location, but it really is none of those things. It just feels like it because of them. I’m a lucky guy.

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