Ted Raimi interview at DaemonsTV…

Here’s a snippet:

Can you talk about what’s going on, why he’s back and what’s going to happen?

Ted Raimi: Yes. Well, I came back I can only think to finish Sebastian’s storyline or at least I like to think about it that way. In this particular episode that airs this weekend Sebastian gets into a partnership with Zedd’s brother Thaddeus who we meet. They get together and they sell a cure to these baylings. These are people who have to kill to stay alive. So what my character does, because I’m kind of an oily creep I start watering down the cure so that it’s less effective but I get more for the money. So it’s the oldest trick in the book and it doesn’t really tend to work and so I start getting threatened by the baylings. So it’s a really pretty cool episode and I thought when I read the script it was pretty timely just in terms of all the troubles we’re having banking wise. I don’t want to make too big of a connection with it but it did remind me of that a little bit, saying that it’s one thing but really it’s another thing entirely.

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