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Bruce Spence and Craig Parker to appear at RingCon in October...

Bruce Spence and Craig Parker to appear at RingCon in October…

RingCon is a fantasy convention held in Germany. This year, it’s happening on October 15 – 17, and two of the confirmed guest stars are Bruce Spence (Zedd) and Craig Parker (Darken Rahl). If you’re anywhere near there in October, go go go!
See the complete RingCon guest list.

New behind-the-scenes pic courtesy of Bridget…

She posted this photo on Twitter today. Her caption: “So funny – got my honey’s friend Kev to be an extra. He did a great job! Look for him… ”
See it in HQ in the Galleries by clicking on the pic below.

Exclusive interview with Craig Parker over at AUSXIP…

Craig Parker plays Richard’s nemesis, Darken Rahl. Here’s a snippet:
We read that you’ve done some musical theatre. Are you very musical person? Is it something you enjoy?
I sing like a dog and have an absolute dread of doing it in public. The last musical thing I did my friend, Joel, stood [...]

Six Things You Never Knew About Bridget Regan (plus a lovely pic!)

Six Things You Never Knew About Bridget Regan (plus a lovely pic!)

Bridget Regan has acquired a cult following for her role as Confessor Kahlan Amnell in Legend of the Seeker, but even her most dedicated fans probably haven’t heard these confessions!
BFFs, we spoke with Bridget Regan who tells us she can’t wait to sky dive! The California native, who has [...]

Interview with Bridget in SELF magazine...

Interview with Bridget in SELF magazine…

…in their May issue.
Bridget Regan shares her tips for healthy living

Bridget Regan’s cult series Legend of the Seeker, a supernatural action-adventure, ends this weekend, but we talked to the star today to get the inside scoop on her the finale, upcoming projects and her healthy lifestyle.
SELFy Stars: So tomorrow marks the end of Legend [...]

5 new behind-the-scenes pics from “Tears”…

…thanks to Bridget and Dayna (her stuntperson) for sharing these via Twitter and FB. Craig Horner Discusses the End of Legend of the Seeker

“There was a little feeling (that the end was near),” Horner told earlier this week during an exclusive interview. “We kind of found out towards the end of the second season that certain of our investors wouldn’t be around for a third time. That created a little bit of a stir amongst [...]

Bridget at the Maxim Hot 100 party!

Apparently she went there after appearing on Attack of the Show. Thanks to virkatjol for posting the LQ ones over at LJ, and to The Keep of Aydindril for the HQ ones!

Katrina Law’s AHOPE For Children PSA

Katrina played a Mord-Sith in “Walter”, and also plays Mira in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. She’s done a PSA for World AIDS Orphan day this Friday, May 7th.

Find out more about World AIDS Orphan day at World AIDS Orphans Day:
and AHOPE for Children:

New behind-the-scenes pics of Dayna…

…and her broken honker! Plus one from the very first Seeker ep, “Prophecy”! Dayna Chiplin is Bridget’s stunt double.
Thanks to Dayna for sharing these with us via her Facebook account. Her caption for this one: “My broken nose on LOTS woo hoo check that hooter out, i meant my nose, ha ha”