Interview with Bridget in SELF magazine…

…in their May issue.

Bridget Regan shares her tips for healthy living
Bridget Regan’s cult series Legend of the Seeker, a supernatural action-adventure, ends this weekend, but we talked to the star today to get the inside scoop on her the finale, upcoming projects and her healthy lifestyle.

SELFy Stars: So tomorrow marks the end of Legend of the Seeker. So sad! How did it feel, bringing the show to an end?
Bridget Regan: It was a surprise because the second season has been going so well, but there are so many factors that don’t really have to do with what I do everyday, so you know, it’s not my realm of control and I’m just rolling with it. We did 44 episodes, which is a lot for a TV series, and it feels like it was longer than two years to me. We have an amazing fanbase, which is one of the things that’s so disappointing, because there’s such an appetite for the show. And I know the fans have been really fighting and pushing and raising money and putting ads out and making all these efforts to keep the show going and I know that they’re incredibly disappointed, and that’s hard, you know?

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