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New costume pics in the Galleries…

From “Torn”:
* Kahlan’s wedding dress
* Richard & Kahlan’s wedding rings
* Richard’s wedding outfit

Coincidentally, the wedding dress below….

…that Bridget’s wearing in my previous post…is up for auction on eBay. It’s so gorgeous!!
Check it out.

New behind-the-scenes pic courtesy of Bridget…

She posted this photo on Twitter today. Her caption: “So funny – got my honey’s friend Kev to be an extra. He did a great job! Look for him… ”
See it in HQ in the Galleries by clicking on the pic below.

A long-overdue update…

I’ve added a new category to the Galleries: “Costumes and Props” – pics of authentic costumes and props from Seeker.
As a costume re-creator, I couldn’t pass these up, thinking there might be others out there looking for details in re-creating costumes from LotS themselves. Most pictures were lifted from eBay auctions.
Check it out!

5 new behind-the-scenes pics from “Tears”…

…thanks to Bridget and Dayna (her stuntperson) for sharing these via Twitter and FB.

Bridget at the Maxim Hot 100 party!

Apparently she went there after appearing on Attack of the Show. Thanks to virkatjol for posting the LQ ones over at LJ, and to The Keep of Aydindril for the HQ ones!

4 new HQ pics from “Tears”, the season finale

New HQ pic from “Unbroken”

A peaceful time brings together Jennsen, Kahlan, Darken Rahl, Richard and Zedd. Production 221 – “Unbroken” – © Seeker Productions, Inc.

New behind-the-scenes pics of Dayna…

…and her broken honker! Plus one from the very first Seeker ep, “Prophecy”! Dayna Chiplin is Bridget’s stunt double.
Thanks to Dayna for sharing these with us via her Facebook account. Her caption for this one: “My broken nose on LOTS woo hoo check that hooter out, i meant my nose, ha ha”

Two new motivational posters...

Two new motivational posters…

…from itsmorganabitch over at Sword of Lies.