Bridget in Monte Carlo – video

Exclusive interview with Craig Parker over at AUSXIP…

Craig Parker plays Richard’s nemesis, Darken Rahl. Here’s a snippet:
We read that you’ve done some musical theatre. Are you very musical person? Is it something you enjoy?
I sing like a dog and have an absolute dread of doing it in public. The last musical thing I did my friend, Joel, stood [...]

Hollywoodlife interview with Bridget: still a chance for Seeker?

IS THERE HOPE YET? ‘Seeker’ Star Bridget Regan On Show Cancellation: ‘I Still Haven’t Been Released From My Contract!’
Bridget Regan is the queen of a gigantic and fervent fanbase — and she wants the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ fans to know they can still save the show …
Bridget Regan played the gorgeous, young warrior Kahlan [...]

Six Things You Never Knew About Bridget Regan (plus a lovely pic!)

Six Things You Never Knew About Bridget Regan (plus a lovely pic!)

Bridget Regan has acquired a cult following for her role as Confessor Kahlan Amnell in Legend of the Seeker, but even her most dedicated fans probably haven’t heard these confessions!
BFFs, we spoke with Bridget Regan who tells us she can’t wait to sky dive! The California native, who has [...]

Interview with Bridget in SELF magazine...

Interview with Bridget in SELF magazine…

…in their May issue.
Bridget Regan shares her tips for healthy living

Bridget Regan’s cult series Legend of the Seeker, a supernatural action-adventure, ends this weekend, but we talked to the star today to get the inside scoop on her the finale, upcoming projects and her healthy lifestyle.
SELFy Stars: So tomorrow marks the end of Legend [...] Craig Horner Discusses the End of Legend of the Seeker

“There was a little feeling (that the end was near),” Horner told earlier this week during an exclusive interview. “We kind of found out towards the end of the second season that certain of our investors wouldn’t be around for a third time. That created a little bit of a stir amongst [...]

Bridget on G4’s Attack of the Show (again)

from last night…

Interview with Jolene Blalock (Nicci #1)…

…thanks to Here’s a snippet:
Can you tell us a little bit more about your character Sister Nicci or Sister of the Dark?
Sister Nicci…Sister of the Dark or Sister of the Light…I just believe that she has lost focus of the bigger picture because she’s become blinded by her own passion–the passion of her [...]

Interview with Katrina Law over at AUSXIP

Katrina Law plays a Mord’Sith later this season. Here’s a snippet from the interview:
You have a guest role on Legend of the Seeker as a Mord’Sith coming up. Did you know anything about the show before getting the role?
I was really excited about Legend of the Seeker when I first saw the promos for [...]

Part 2 of Bridget’s interview…

Here’s a snippet:
You’ve said that Kahlan is noble and strong and always does the right thing. You’ve also said you wonder how she can be “so good” all the time. What do you think it is with Kahlan and the people she loves and the world she lives in that inspire her to [...]