Part 2 of Bridget’s interview…

Here’s a snippet:

You’ve said that Kahlan is noble and strong and always does the right thing. You’ve also said you wonder how she can be “so good” all the time. What do you think it is with Kahlan and the people she loves and the world she lives in that inspire her to be this ultimately “good” character? Where does the strength come from? (saykay)

It’s actually the weight of the world on her shoulders. I mean, can you imagine? They are actually responsible for saving the world! What makes her a hero is that in spite of what she wants, she does the thing that she thinks she cannot do. She looks fear in the face every day. And gets stronger every day for it. She has a massive heart. I think that’s where her strength comes from. She is incredibly compassionate. I also can’t forget what falling in love with Richard (Craig Horner) has done to her. I think she now understands what exactly she is protecting and fighting for.

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