Interview with Katrina Law over at AUSXIP

Katrina Law plays a Mord’Sith later this season. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

You have a guest role on Legend of the Seeker as a Mord’Sith coming up. Did you know anything about the show before getting the role?

I was really excited about Legend of the Seeker when I first saw the promos for it back before Season One premiered. I have always loved the world of fantasy. Anything to do with wizards, magic, dragons, fairies, elves, men with long dirty hair and women wearing medieval style dresses and you can count me in. I haven’t been able to watch every single episode but I have watched a lot of the series. And while I haven’t read the books yet (it’s on my list of “must read” books), my dad and everyone else online says they are great. So, yes, I was already a fan of the show and it made it that much more fun for me to be cast in it.

Did you enjoy being a Mord’Sith?

I absolutely loved being a Mord’Sith! I remember watching Denna do her thing in Seeker and thinking “that woman is hot and I wanna be her!” To have a legitimate excuse to wear that costume in public is a good time all by itself. Plus, the cast and crew of Seeker are amazing and it is a joy to work with them. My fiancé asked if I was allowed to take the costume home which earned him a swift smack upside his head. Can’t say that I blame him for trying, though.

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