Terry Goodkind offers support for the Save Our Seeker campaign…

…in a post on the legendoftheseeker.org forums:

Terry Goodkind Offering Full Support
Good afternoon everyone,

On behalf of Terry Goodkind, we are here to offer our fullest support to the “Save Our Seeker” campaign. We have reached out to the campaign organizers and have started discussing ways in which Terry Goodkind, as the author and creator of the books upon which the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER television series is based, can help secure the future of this beloved show.

We were very impressed to learn of the DAILY VARIETY and VARIETY.COM advertisements. Well done!

Please provide any reasonable ideas you may have for how Terry Goodkind can assist with your community efforts. We are launching a new website this weekend (TerryGoodkind.com) and have already discussed reciprocal links across the existing social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace), etc.

Read the whole thing…

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