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Mentioned in my previous post, here is a blurb from and link to the exclusive interview Michael Martinez got to do with Craig. Whoo!

When we spoke on the phone Craig was still working on the second season, with five more episodes to shoot. How does it feel compared to this point in your schedule last year? I asked. “Pretty grueling,” Craig confessed. “When it’s all done I can rest and recoup and I can really enjoy that. I guess last year I knew the day I wrapped I would go to the United States.”

Not for rest and relaxation. Apparently Craig was sent on a whirlwind press tour to help promote the show. This year he is hoping to appear at a major convention in the United States. He’s pretty excited about that as it came up a couple of times. If it happens this will be Craig’s first American entertainment event.

With ninth months of intensive shooting for Legend of the Seeker Craig doesn’t get much time to do other projects. Still, considering that he is in New Zealand, I could not help but ask: Any chance you might have a role in ‘The Hobbit’?

“I’m going to look into that,” Craig admitted.

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