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…from WBNX. Here’s an excerpt:

Seeker stars agree their roles are ’second skins’

Legend of the Seeker has amassed such a loyal following, it’s almost as if fans have been happily zapped by the ‘Mother Confessor.’ The series became so popular that it was awarded a full second season after only a handful of episodes—and the charming lead actors receive rock star-type receptions. Craig Horner (Richard Cypher-Rahl) and Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell) spoke with WBNX during a recent publicity tour. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

There are new evil forces terrorizing the Midlands…

CH:“Yes, at the end of the first season we defeated Darken Rahl, which was our main goal—but in doing that, we’ve now embraced Wizard’s Second Rule, which is ‘the greatest harm can come from the best intentions.’ So even though we’ve rid the world of Darken Rahl, so to speak, we’ve torn the veil to the Underworld…”

BR: “There are these creatures we’ve never seen and people that we’ve killed who are coming back to get us. So now we’re out to defeat The Keeper (of the Underworld), who is Baddie Number One.”

CH: “And we’re also happy about (Rahl’s life-after-death), because we love Craig Parker. He’s got a lot of good energy, he’s great.”

On translating heroes from best-selling novels to television…

CH: “We had about six weeks in New Zealand before we ever started shooting the series, and we didn’t have a script, so all Bridget and I could really do was read the book, Wizard’s First Rule. That’s the best kind of research you can do, you really get a feeling for the characters. There’s a lot of ‘Kahlan’ in Bridget and a lot of ‘Richard’ in Craig, and I think that’s why we got the roles.”

BR: “I like that the fans are really passionate about these characters. It almost ‘heightens’ the whole thing for us. We really want to do the characters justice and want The Sword of Truth fans to picture us as their Kahlan and Richard.”

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