Bridget’s turn for an interview at Sci Fi UK…

Legend of the Seeker – Bridget Regan Interview

Following on from speaking to Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner I was lucky enough to speak to his co-star Bridget Regan. Bridget, who plays the beautiful but deadly Kahlan, told me about her love of farcical comedy, New Zealand, horse riding, and her experience of her new found fantasy fan base. Legend of the Seeker starts on SCI FI this Thursday at 20.00.

Your character is a very powerful heroine who can more than take care of herself. Do you find it liberating playing such a strong character?

Absolutely. I love Kahlan. When I signed on to do this show it was really without a script, they had just picked up the series of books to make a show, and I just fell in love with her, I thought she was so unique. I’d played strong women before but not ones that were so physically strong; she can tackle any man to the ground. Also she’s got wisdom and strength. I just adore her.

Read the rest of the interview (no spoilers)…

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