“Sacrifice” screengrabs finished

Boy, I tell you, as a mom of a little one, I could totally empathize with Dennee. Jessica Marais did a fab job showing the grief and fear a mother would feel if her child were in danger. Course, I don’t know any mom who could have gotten up and fought off some D’harans hours after giving birth (yikes!), so I can only imagine there was some magical healing involved, thanks to Zedd. :)

And I have to agree with fans who have posted on fan forums elsewhere: torching Nass seems a great waste of an opportunity! Can you just imagine what fun can be had with the confessed right-hand-man of Darken Rahl? Ah well. Some theorize that maybe he’s not really dead…only a bit crisped. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can view the last 40 or so screengrabs from “Sacrifice” in the Galleries now…

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