New costume pics in the Galleries…

From “Torn”:
* Kahlan’s wedding dress
* Richard & Kahlan’s wedding rings
* Richard’s wedding outfit

Coincidentally, the wedding dress below….

…that Bridget’s wearing in my previous post…is up for auction on eBay. It’s so gorgeous!!
Check it out.

new eBay auction:  Burnt Trouble Doll Sara

new eBay auction: Burnt Trouble Doll Sara

It’s Rachel’s doll from season one’s “Puppeteer”, put up for bid by Dayna Chiplin, Bridget’s stunt double. Part of the proceeds to go to Child Cancer.

4 new HQ pics from “Tears”, the season finale

HQ pics from “Eternity” and “Unbroken”



New HQ pic from “Unbroken”

A peaceful time brings together Jennsen, Kahlan, Darken Rahl, Richard and Zedd. Production 221 – “Unbroken” – © Seeker Productions, Inc.

Behind the scenes of “Vengeance”

Discovered this out on the interwebs – a stunt reel of the Seeker stunties practicing the final fight from “Vengeance”:

HQ pics from “Walter” and “Extinction”

Sorry for the delay…life has been busy lately!


New behind-the-scenes pics from “Walter”…

…thanks to the lovely Katrina Law for posting these on her Facebook page. Click the pic for all 6.

Ten new HQ pics from “Vengeance”

… in the Galleries. Click the pic!