New wallpaper…

I’m not great at wallpaper-making, but I sure enjoy it. Here’s a new one, of Kahlan as Mord-Sith. Enjoy!

(You can see this and the other two I’ve made so far in the Galleries.)

2 Responses to “New wallpaper…”

  1. That is AWESOME! :D Well done!

    btw, if you ever want to add any of my icons, just let me know. I’d be happy to share them with you and the folks who visit here.

  2. Hey SunKrux. :) Love to host yer icons over here. Zip ‘em up and send ‘em to me whenever you like. (michxenafan at yahoo dot com) Of *course* they’ll go in a “SunKrux’s Icons” gallery or some such thing like that so folks know they’re yours.