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(from March 12)…here’s a snippet:
Seeking out Legend of the Seeker’s Craig Horner
Legend of the Seeker fans sounded a collective ‘nay’ last week when a representative from the Tribune Company (which owns most of the stations that air the syndicated show) revealed it would not be interested in a third season. There’s been no official announcement [...]

Legend of the Seeker’s Bridget Regan on Corsets, True Love & Being a Badass

Here’s a snippet:
Allie Townsend: How did you create your own version of Kahlan and still remain true to the books?
Bridget Regan: I read the books before there was even a script for our show and I really gravitated toward Kahlan. That was the reason I decided to move to New Zealand and do this [...]

LotS Producer Ken Biller Still ‘Hopeful for A Third Season’

Based on The Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind, ABC Studios’ Legend of the Seeker has picked up where other fantasy shows left off – in New Zealand.
In the mid-90s, fans were wild for fantasy hits Xena and Hercules and producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are just adding more fuel to their [...]

New Bridget interview at TVStar…part 1

Exclusive Interview: Bridget Regan Answers Fan Questions (Legend of the Seeker), Part I
You had lots and lots (and lots) of questions for Bridget Regan and, as promised, the lovely leading lady of Legend of the Seeker has taken the time to reply to 20-plus of them. We at think you’ll agree that her answers [...]

Tabrett Bethell interview at TheTorchOnline…

Interview: LEGEND OF THE SEEKER’s Tabrett Bethell is Not Cara (Or IS She?)
What would it be like to interview Cara, the take-no-prisoners Mord-Sith-turned-sorta-good who is currently shaking up the second season of the hit syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker?
I’m sure if you asked one wrong question, she’d bite your head off. (On the [...]

Another interview with Ted Raimi (”Sebastian”)…

…over as IESB. Here’s a snippet:
IESB: What’s it like to work with Craig Horner and Bridget Regan? What sort of dynamic, as actors, did they bring to the scenes you did with them?
Ted: First of all, they’re both really young and working with young actors, you get this energy you don’t get when you’re [...]

Ted Raimi interview at DaemonsTV…

Here’s a snippet:
Can you talk about what’s going on, why he’s back and what’s going to happen?
Ted Raimi: Yes. Well, I came back I can only think to finish Sebastian’s storyline or at least I like to think about it that way. In this particular episode that airs this weekend Sebastian gets into a partnership [...]

Slice of Scifi podcast interview with Bridget…’s here, starting about 32 mins in:
Thanks to Jace over at for the heads up!

New Bridget interview at DaemonsTV

Here’s a snippet:
Can you talk about what’s coming up?
Bridget Regan: In general this season we’ve had absolutely amazing guests on the show. I can’t say enough about them. We have John Rhys-Davies which will come out and Michael Nouri plays my father in an upcoming episode that was one of my other favorites this season. [...]

New Bridget interview at E!Online…

Bridget Regan Tears It Up on Legend of the Seeker
OK, so we hear this weekend’s episode is a big one for Kahlan—tell us what’s she in for.
The episode is called “Torn” and Kahlan is summoned to Aydindril, which is her home normally, and where the Mother Confessor would preside and live. She goes, and something [...]