Seeker Season 1 DVD giveaway! – GONE!

*** UPDATE: All 10 sets have been claimed. Thanks, everyone! Remember, they are available for purchase in stores and online as well. ***

I’ve got 10 copies of Season 1 to give away! 5 discs chock full of Seeker goodness, unrequited love, and bonus features!

This time of year, things are busy, and the holidays are coming. These will make a great gift, either for you or a Seeker lover on your list. The first 10 people to email me with their name and postal address will get Richard and Kahlan at their house for the holidays. =)

Send requests to me: webmistress at warriorprincess dot com, with the subject line “Seeker DVD Giveaway”

(Note: These are NTSC format, Region 1)

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