Behind-the-scenes stunt reel…

…posted to YouTube by Dayna Chiplin, Bridget’s stunt double. Just found this online, though it’s been up for a while.

International “Save our Seeker” fan video

It’s really well done. Nice work, everyone!!

Bridget on G4’s Attack of the Show (again)

from last night…

Behind the scenes of “Vengeance”

Discovered this out on the interwebs – a stunt reel of the Seeker stunties practicing the final fight from “Vengeance”:

Official Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Music Video

New video: “Bridget Regan Up-Close”

Thanks to Cadinos for snagging it from the LotS official site and posting it to YouTube!

Video from the Times Square Seeker Event

Thanks to L’Epee de Verite for the find!

New video on the LOTS official site: “Meet the Seeker”

Seeker Season 1 DVD giveaway! – GONE!

*** UPDATE: All 10 sets have been claimed. Thanks, everyone! Remember, they are available for purchase in stores and online as well. ***
I’ve got 10 copies of Season 1 to give away! 5 discs chock full of Seeker goodness, unrequited love, and bonus features!
This time of year, things are busy, and [...]

Bridget on Fox 5 (San Diego) this morning…

Thanks to Kelson64 over at for posting it to YouTube!