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Seeker’s sexy season 2 with ‘T’Pol’ and ‘Cordelia’!

On the syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker, the Seeker has dispatched the evil Darken Rahl, and our heroes (Richard, Kahlan and Zed) should just be able to lounge around and goof off knowing that all is right with the world … right?

Not so much. Unfortunately, the good guys are about to experience the Wizard’s Second Rule when Legend of the Seeker’s second season begins this Saturday in syndication, right after a special episode designed to catch you up on the events of last season.

“Season two is basically going to pick up where season one left off, but what Richard is going to be confronted with is Wizard’s Second Rule, which is something from Terry Goodkind’s novel series,” said executive producer Kenneth Biller. “And Wizard’s Second Rule says, ‘The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.’ So, essentially, Richard [Craig Horner] is going to have to deal with the repercussions of his big victory, of fulfilling the prophecy, and killing Darken Raul.”

Here are nine legendary spoilers for the Seeker’s second season, along with hot new guest stars (spoilers ahead!):

I won’t spoil things for you…if you want to know, read the rest of the article…

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