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Legend of the Seeker – Craig Horner Interview

Craig Horner plays the eponymous Seeker, Richard Cypher, in SCI FI’s new fantasy series Legend of the Seeker which premieres on Thursday 13th August. Craig took time out from his action packed shooting schedule on the set of Season 2 in New Zealand to let us know what we can expect from the fantastical Legend of the Seeker.

Have you always been a fan of fantasy or was the whole swords and sorcery world new to you?

I was a massive fan of fantasy. I had an older brother who was about thirteen years older than me and he brought me into the world of Conan and star Wars. He had all these movies lying around, he had comic books everywhere; he had lots of the original Star Wars figures. I was easily brought into that world of fantasy. There wasn’t a day when I wasn’t running around the back yard with swords and killing imaginary orcs.

What’s your favourite fantasy film?

I love Conan, but do you know what? I’m one of those weirdoes who likes the sequel to Conan.

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