HUGE Season Two spoilers!! (non-confirmed though)

I have no idea how reliable this information is, but SpoilerTV has posted “Casting Slides” from season two’s premiere episode, allegedly titled “Marked”.

Visit SpoilerTV to see them!

3 Responses to “HUGE Season Two spoilers!! (non-confirmed though)”

  1. Very interesting if true. It appears that major themes of the second book will be represented. It also appears that Cara will ultimately prove to be an ally. Will the Mord’ Sith be divided–and if so, will the Darken Rahl faction function in a manner similar to Sisters of the Dark? Still unresolved is the question of whether Denna will reappear in some way–initially, almost necessarily, as a living entity, in or out of her Mord’ Sith identity.

    Very hopeful that dear little Rachel will reappear. Neat character and great little actress. Tantalizing spoiler. Let the speculation begin!

  2. Could you do me a favor? My computer is broken so I am using my itouch and it doesn’t have flash so I can’t view the slides tried google and other websites but they only have them on the slides so could you put them in the gallery or just put a list up on the website of email me the names I understand if you can’t :)

  3. By the list I meant the names and the characters they would be going to play :)