New behind-the-scenes pic courtesy of Bridget…

She posted this photo on Twitter today. Her caption: “So funny – got my honey’s friend Kev to be an extra. He did a great job! Look for him… ”
See it in HQ in the Galleries by clicking on the pic below.

A long-overdue update…

I’ve added a new category to the Galleries: “Costumes and Props” – pics of authentic costumes and props from Seeker.
As a costume re-creator, I couldn’t pass these up, thinking there might be others out there looking for details in re-creating costumes from LotS themselves. Most pictures were lifted from eBay auctions.
Check it out!

Radahan prop also for sale on eBay

Radahan prop also for sale on eBay

Another prop from Dayna Chiplin, Bridget’s stunt double. Worn by Bridget in the season one finale, “Reckoning”.

Kahlan's prop backpack on sale on eBay...

Kahlan’s prop backpack on sale on eBay…

Dayna Chiplin, Bridget’s stunt double, grabbed up this backpack after the closing of the show, and is offering it up for sale on eBay. Proceeds to go to her NZ Stunt School, I believe. Click on the pic to be taken to the eBay sale.


Here’s everything you need to know before the Season Finale – in four minutes!

Legend of the Seeker Season 2 available for pre-order!

Woo hoo! It comes out Sept. 28th, 2010.

OMG so hilarious….”Legend of the Sneaker! Torn! Totally RIPPED YO!”

You have to see it.
Over at Sword of Lies.

New Bridget interview at E!Online…

Bridget Regan Tears It Up on Legend of the Seeker
OK, so we hear this weekend’s episode is a big one for Kahlan—tell us what’s she in for.
The episode is called “Torn” and Kahlan is summoned to Aydindril, which is her home normally, and where the Mother Confessor would preside and live. She goes, and something [...]

Since it’s #FollowFriday on Twitter…

…I thought I’d give y’all a selection of LotS-related peeps to follow on Twitter:
SeekersOmnibus (feed for this site)
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LOTS_SPOILERS (if you want spoilers)
Mike Sussman (Writer, Co-Exec Producer)
Bridget Regan (duh!)
Ted Raimi (plays Sebastian)
SeekerCast (Seeker podcast)
More later…I just got a juicy bit of info I *must* post!!

Humor for your weekend...

Humor for your weekend…

The folks over at Sword of Lies have a new cracktastic bit of funny on their site. Check out the…