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Part 2 of Bridget’s interview…

Here’s a snippet:
You’ve said that Kahlan is noble and strong and always does the right thing. You’ve also said you wonder how she can be “so good” all the time. What do you think it is with Kahlan and the people she loves and the world she lives in that inspire her to [...]

5 new pics of Craig and Bridget!

5 new pics of Craig and Bridget!

Thanks to LOTS_SPOILERS over at Twitter and to!

Legend of the Seeker’s Bridget Regan on Corsets, True Love & Being a Badass

Here’s a snippet:
Allie Townsend: How did you create your own version of Kahlan and still remain true to the books?
Bridget Regan: I read the books before there was even a script for our show and I really gravitated toward Kahlan. That was the reason I decided to move to New Zealand and do this [...]

New Bridget interview at TVStar…part 1

Exclusive Interview: Bridget Regan Answers Fan Questions (Legend of the Seeker), Part I
You had lots and lots (and lots) of questions for Bridget Regan and, as promised, the lovely leading lady of Legend of the Seeker has taken the time to reply to 20-plus of them. We at think you’ll agree that her answers [...]

Bridget updated her Twitter profile pic!

Bridget updated her Twitter profile pic!


Bridget just loves teasing us with deleted tweets!

Thanks to Jace at for sussing this all out…
He posted:
Interesting “now deleted” tweet by Bridget Regan……
I would post the link but she has since deleted this most recent tweet for whatever reason. As most know she (Regan) has dropped hints as to the show this season and then been deleting them. The last time [...]

Want to write to Bridget?

She tweeted her fan mail address:
Bridget Regan
Henderson Valley Studios
12 Hickory Rd.
P.O. Box 21124
Henderson New Zealand
Fan mail? Love it! If you want it to get to me fast send to NZ. Don’t forget big (8×10) self addressed envelope if you want a photo! la la!

Slice of Scifi podcast interview with Bridget…’s here, starting about 32 mins in:
Thanks to Jace over at for the heads up!

New Bridget interview at DaemonsTV

Here’s a snippet:
Can you talk about what’s coming up?
Bridget Regan: In general this season we’ve had absolutely amazing guests on the show. I can’t say enough about them. We have John Rhys-Davies which will come out and Michael Nouri plays my father in an upcoming episode that was one of my other favorites this season. [...]

New Bridget interview at E!Online…

Bridget Regan Tears It Up on Legend of the Seeker
OK, so we hear this weekend’s episode is a big one for Kahlan—tell us what’s she in for.
The episode is called “Torn” and Kahlan is summoned to Aydindril, which is her home normally, and where the Mother Confessor would preside and live. She goes, and something [...]