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Bridget Regan Previews Legend of the Seeker Finale

Bridget Regan Previews Legend of the Seeker Finale

The first season of the sexy syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker, based on Terry Goodkind’s popular “Sword of Truth” books, comes to its exciting conclusion this weekend (check your local listings for times). Bridget Regan, who plays sword-wielding hottie Kahlan—a woman with the enviable power to make men confess—takes the time to [...]

Craig interviewed in June issue of Venice Magazine

Thanks HEAPS to Erika at The Confessor and Seeker Society for the scans of the article. Apparently it’s a magazine that’s only available in So. California.
Click the photo below to view all three article scans.

Legend of the Seeker: How Will Kahlan and Richard Get Together?

Legend of the Seeker: How Will Kahlan and Richard Get Together?

Not a lot that’s new in this E!Online interview with Craig, but oh, does he know how to tease us about Kahlan!
You want it, you got it! We’ve read your emails asking for more scoop on the syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker so we checked in with Aussie star Craig Horner [...]

Rob Tapert Interview: The “Fanboy” Behind “Legend of the Seeker” and “Xena”

Interview from
It’s hard not to be impressed by Rob Tapert. Along with his creative partners Sam Raimi and Joshua Donen, the man is responsible for some of the best, and most influential fantasy television of all time: first, Xena: Warrior Princess, which starred his wife Lucy Lawless, and now Legend of the [...]

Richard as hero archetype…

“ggygax” over at Livejournal has written a short essay on Richard. Whether you agree with him or not, it’s an interesting read.
Heroic Archetypes in Legend of the Seeker: Richard Cypher, Stereotypical Hero Protagonist
This is the first in a series of articles examining the characters of Legend of the Seeker from a dramatist’s perspective. Some of [...]

Interesting bit on Joseph LoDuca, LotS composer...

Interesting bit on Joseph LoDuca, LotS composer…

The article is more about the industry than LoDuca himself, but it’s a good read nonetheless.
Scoring Michigan’s New Film Industry
he search lights of Hollywood have cut through the economic gloom pervading Michigan recently, as state government and the creative community look to the potential of film incentives to build a new industry. Southeast Michigan, once [...]

New interview with Craig Parker (Darken Rahl) from New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times

Television: The legends live on
From Xena to Lord of the Rings, Craig Parker is no stranger to a life of fantasy. He talks to Karen Tay about his new series, Legend of the Seeker.
THE EVIL wizard Darken Rahl paces the shadowy corridors of his gloomy castle. As emperor of the land of D’Hara, Rahl [...]

New interview with Craig and Bridget at…

Sci Fi Tracker Seeks Enlightment From Legend’s Craig Horner and Bridget Regan
Legend of the Seeker has been gaining momentum as a syndicated drama since its debut this past November, and appears poised to find a successful second season in its future. Sci Fi Tracker had an opportunity to speak separately with both Craig Horner and [...]

New from the NZ Herald – “‘Legend of the Seeker’ – a return to fantasy land”

‘Legend of the Seeker’ – a return to fantasy land
Xena and Hercules once held sway in these lands. Now a new locally-made fantasy series is upon us. Joanna Hunkin talks to the stars and creator of Legend of the Seeker
The phone clicks as Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner comes on the line, connected [...]

New LotS article on scifiwire…

Legend of the Seeker adversaries face off for the first time
It’s the moment Legend of the Seeker fans have been waiting for: Richard Cypher (played by hunky Australian actor Craig Horner) will finally come face to face with that epitome of Seeker evil, Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) on this weekend’s episode, “Conversion,” Horner and executive [...]