Bridget just loves teasing us with deleted tweets!

Thanks to Jace at for sussing this all out…

He posted:

Interesting “now deleted” tweet by Bridget Regan……

I would post the link but she has since deleted this most recent tweet for whatever reason. As most know she (Regan) has dropped hints as to the show this season and then been deleting them. The last time she did this gave us the identity to the actor portraying Leo.

This time she tweeted and then deleted this:

…and there was no hand rope to aid her crossing. Richard offered his hand, to steady her, and she was glad for the excuse to take it

As people have now figured out this is from page 222 of “Wizards First Rule”…for refrence here is the snippet that contains this passage:

Rains had swollen the streams until the churning, muddy water pounded and frothed with a roar at the bottoms of the crossing logs that were used as bridges. Kahlan could feel the power of the water making the logs shudder under her boots. She stepped carefully, as the logs were slippery, and there was no hand rope to aid her crossing. Richard offered her his hand, to steady her, and she was glad for the excuse to take it. She found herself looking forward to the stream crossings, to being able to take his hand. But as deeply as it hurt, she couldn’t allow herself to encourage his feelings for her. She wished so much she could just be a woman, like any other. But she wasn’t. She was a Confessor. Still, sometimes for brief moments, she could forget, and pretend.

She wished Richard would walk next to her, but he instead stayed behind, scanning the countryside, watching out for her. He was in a strange land, taking nothing for granted, seeing threat in everything. In Westland, she had felt the same way, so she understood the feeling. He was putting his life at great peril against Rahl, against things he had never encountered before, and was right to be wary. The wary died quick enough in the Midlands, the unwary faster still.

After crossing another stream and plunging back into the wet grass, eight men sprang up suddenly in front of them. Kahlan and Richard came to an abrupt halt. The men were wearing animal skins over most of their bodies. Sticky mud that didn’t wash away in the rain was smeared over the rest of their skin and faces, and their hair smoothed down with it. Clumps of grass were tied to their arms and to the skins, and stuffed under headbands, making them invisible when they had been squatted down. They stood silently in front of the two of them. All wore grim expressions. Kahlan recognized several of the men; it was a hunting party of Mud People.

As for what it means that remains to be determined but again she has been dropping hints and all season long to date so this may indeed be a hint at things to come.

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