Smorgasbord of “Cursed” reviews…

I say “smorgasbord” because these vary greatly in content and quality. The one particularly is full of sloppy errors (calling Shota “Ephiny”, for example, which was Danielle Cormack’s character in Xena, and calling the beast a “werewolf”) yet it’s full of enthusiasm.
** Edit: Ok, thanks to a comment by the author of review, I’d like to rewrite my statement to say “Even though I didn’t “get it” when I read, it, the one should be read with a sense of humor and mindful of old monster movies.”

If you haven’t seen Cursed yet, beware, these are FULL OF SPOILERS. Enter at your own risk.

Fan reviews:

“Episode 19: Cursed. My Verdict!” by Fallen Confessor at

“1×19 Cursed” by serendipityxxi at Livejournal

Professional reviews

“SEEKER Recap (1-19): How is Kahlan Like a Werewolf?” by Brent Hartinger

3 Responses to “Smorgasbord of “Cursed” reviews…”

  1. Um, calling her “Ephiny” is meant as a joke, as is the repeated “werewolf” reference, since it’s clear they were paying homage to THE WOLF MAN movie again and again. It’s a RECAP, folks — snark intended.

  2. Hi Brent,

    Thanks for visiting! Unfortunately, your tongue-in-cheek tone wasn’t clear to me upon reading your article. I know there are some other fans that missed it too, merely assuming that you hadn’t done your homework. (there’s a thread about it on the forums)

    Upon re-reading the review now that I know your intent, it did read entirely differently. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

  3. I understand. I think we ALL do that on the internet — read things very very quickly. :-)