More Comic Con tidbits...

More Comic Con tidbits…

Direct from the horse’s Administrator’s mouth, courtesy of Terry Goodkind’s official site:
Moderator: “How involved are you with the television series?”
Terry Goodkind: “I’m not involved at all. I’m writing new books, working on new stories, and developing new ideas. Disney purchased the SWORD OF TRUTH series property, it’s theirs to develop into a television program [...]

Season 1 DVDs coming in October!!

Season 1 DVDs coming in October!!

Woohoo! According to tvshowsondvd.com:
DVDs have been announced by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for Legend of the Seeker – The Complete 1st Season, based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series of novels, and adapted for television by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man films, Xena, Army of Darkness). On October 13th Disney will release a 5-disc [...]

Bridget & Craig candids from the ABC/Disney press junket

Thanks to andreas at lj! These are just adorable…

Check out the rest in the Galleries.

Jessica Marais (”Denna”) at Australia’s Logie Awards 5/3/09

What awesome pics of our favorite Mord-Sith! Thanks heaps to Erika at The Confessor and Seeker Society for making them available! MWAH!
Here’s just a sample, but there are 12 total.

Check them all out in the Galleries…

Portugal next to get Seeker

According to Portuguese site Diario Digital, Portugal will begin airing LotS on May 6th, under the name “A Lenda do Guerreiro”, which translates to “The Legend of the Warrior”.
Thanks to Francois at La Legende du Sourcier for the news.

Latest air date schedule

15 “Conversion” 115 3/14/2009
16 “Bloodline” 116 3/21/2009
17 “Deception” 117 3/28/2009
6R “Elixir” 103R 4/4/2009
8R “Denna” 108R 4/11/2009
9R “Puppeteer” 109R 4/18/2009
18 “Mirror” 118 4/25/2009
Dang, 3 weeks of reruns in April!
Source: LotS Facebook site

Five new pics from “Hartland” (episode 14)

Woohoo, the return of Chase!

Check all of them out in the Galleries…

Legend of the Seeker now available from Hulu.com!

Unfortunately for our overseas friends, it looks like only folks in the U.S. can access episodes on Hulu, but if you’re not signed up for the eps on iTunes, here’s a good alternative!
(This is both a legal and free place to watch the series online.)

My thoughts on the premiere…

* LOVED seeing familiar faces from Xena and HTLJ (items in quotes are Xena episodes):
Chase (Jay Laga’aia – Draco)
Chase’s wife (Jennifer Rucker – Miss Parnassus, “Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis”)
George Cypher (Jeffrey Thomas – Jason from HTLJ)
Michael Cypher (David de Lautour – Icus, “Altared States”)
Darken Rahl (Craig Parker – Bellerophon, “To Helicon and Back”)
Ranssyn Fane [...]

Behind the Scenes with the wardrobe department

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